The images above are evidence of the work that we have done on our comparison grids so far. The pictures also feature annotations of some of our anthologies.

We have to work on connecting themes over the next two lessons. We have been asked to design theme posters which we we have to present and display on the walls. Miss Ryan remarked that our posters aren’t always as visually attractive as they could be, so that is a major target for us.

Here are the twelve themes/links that we’ve been asked to look at:

  1. Women’s’ Voices
  2. Men’s Voices
  3. Pride
  4. Decay
  5. Identity
  6. Negative Emotions
  7. Power
  8. Monologues
  9. Contrasts
  10. Dialogues
  11. Narratives
  12. Metaphors

Our posters should contains: A definition of the theme; how it is illustrated in 2-3 poems; relevant quotations; links, comparisons and contrasts.

Dilan, the class monitor, is in charge with making notes on groups’ progress and has also been appointed the ‘class expert’ on all themes and will ask questions to challenge students ideas. He is given a textbook in order to help him push students further.

The main observations revealed that everybody worked really hard in the lesson, they all needed very little help and showed a great understanding of the poems. The most hardworking students of the lesson were:


Josh and Greggg

Shruti and Savena

Ashneil and Mitesh

Here is a list of the poems that the students felt best displayed the themes:

  1. Women’s’ Voices – Medusa and The Ruined Maid
  2. Men’s Voices – The River God, Ozymandias and Singh Song
  3. Pride – Checking Out Me History, Ozymandias, The Ruined Maid
  4. Decay – Medusa, The Ruined Maid The Clown Punk
  5. Identity – Checking Out Me History, The Ruined Maid
  6. Negative Emotions – The Ruined Maid, Hunchback in the Park, Clown Punk
  7. Power – Medusa, The River God, My Last Duchess
  8. Monologues – Checking Out Me History, The River God
  9. Contrasts – The Ruined Maid, Ozymandias
  10. Dialogues – Singh Song, The Ruined Maid
  11. Narratives – The Clown Punk, Hunchback in the Park
  12. Metaphors – Hunchback in the Park, Checking Out Me History, Singh Song.

Students collected quotations, planned ideas and began their designs today. The poster will be completed next lesson and presented back to the class.