Title- The title might explain that someone is giving something to someone.

Might be about honesty and respect to other people.

About people who don’t respect other people, someone who is in need of help someone who wants friends to have a chat with.

What is it about-? You must know what the poem is about-

The poem is about a homeless man who sleeps in peoples doorways every night – This shows that he doesn’t have any one to turn to, to help him and that he has no friends beside him.

The writer puts excitement and interesting things in for the reader- like dancing and magic tricks.

The homeless guy doesn’t want ‘extravagant gifts’ he just wants a bit of money now and then- this could show that he was a nice man and didn’t hurt any one, he just wanted some money to help him.

It’s like the man is talking to us asking us for help.


The language is different in the poem because it is only a small poem but it’s very interesting.

The writer has made it look as if that the person is talking to us (1st person) this shows this when the person goes ‘out of all the doorsteps in the world to choose to sleep, I’ve chosen yours, I’m on the street under the stars’.

Images of wealth-

For coppers …

For silvers…

For gold…

This shows his desperation for money

He doesn’t want much ‘just change’ this creates a nice impression because he is not being greedy he just wants help to live. Also shows that he was a nice guy.


Overall ‘Give’ is quite a short poem with stanzas of 2 to 3 lines. The tone in the beginning is sarcastic and arrogant. The word ‘dear’ is ironic because in reality the poet does not like the person he or she is talking to. There is a lot of repetition e.g. For coppers, for silver and ‘I’ve chosen yours’.


Bitterness- The poet seems very angry at the lack of help that the person receives e.g ‘ it’s not as if I’m holding out for frankincense or myrrh’

Sarcasm is evident e,g. ‘That’s big of you’

Personal opinion-

We really enjoyed reading this poem as it was quite effective. It touched our hearts and we felt sympathy for the poet and his helplessness and the ignorance of our society made us feel extremely guilty.