Title: Medusa

  • About a creature
  • Greek Myth
  • In first person
  • Female talking

What is it about?

It’s about medusa that is a mythical creature. The poem it self shows that she has feelings about what she thinks of her self and how people treat her also about a woman who suspects her husband is having an affair, which suggests the fact that she can turn things to stone by looking directly at the object or anything, which links in to turning her husband in to stone so he doesn’t betray her.


  • ‘I’ implies it’s in first person.
  • Rhetorical questions ‘wasn’t I beautiful?’, ‘wasn’t I fragrant and young? ‘
  • Negative use of use of words e.g. jealousy, hisses, spat, yellow fanged, terrified, buzzing, and spattered down, and heap of shit, shattered.
  • Metaphors:  ‘with a shield for a heart’ a sword for a tongue’
  • Alliteration: ‘buzzing bee’ , ‘soured stank’
  • Language can be seen as ambiguous in the sense it can be loving or dangerous.
  • Emotion sibilance of the first stanza


  • Mostly equal lengths, has 7 stanzas, with 6 lines except the last line ‘ “ look at me now” ’ which builds up to a threat as roshani suggested
  • Punctuation it builds up to a negative vibe that makes the readers wants more to inhale.

Feelings and ideas

  • Anger: the narrator seems very anger and bitter about the idea that she has been betrayed by her husband.
  • Jealousy: she is possessive because of the fact her husband has another woman
  • Insecurity: despite her anger, she idolises about her husband, she wants to return her love and at the end of the poem, she seeks reassurance from him that she’s beautiful.

 Personal opinions:

Roshani: I personally feel sorry about medusa because of the fact she’s been betrayed by her husband, however I also think she goes a bit to far by turning him into stone.

Bhavu: in my opinion I really feel for medusa, as she has no choice of what she looks like so its understanding how she feels about her self and the jealousy that’s in her. We can tell that she loved her husband so much even though she turned him in to stone; it was only to keep him with her forever.

Themes and links:

  • Decay of turning people in to stone
  • Relationship between her and her husband


Clown punk ‘the deflected face’ it links in with the fear of children being terrified of him, this also goes in with the feelings of medusa