Title – Ozymandias


What it is about – In this poem, the narrator meets a traveller who tells him about a statue standing in the middle of the desert.


It’s a statue of a powerful king who ruled over a past civilisation. His face is proud and he arrogantly boasts about how great he is in an inscription of the statue’s base/


Language – There is quite a lot of intense, angry language. The tyranny of the ruler is suggested through quite aggressive language.


Structure – The narrator builds up an image of the statue by focussing on different parts of it in turn. The poem ends by describing the enormous desert, which helps to sum up the insignificance of the statue. The poem is a sonnet with an unusual rhyme.


Feelings and ideas – From this poem we can see the author showing the feelings of an ancient ruler being disregarded as his statue is slowly crumbling away.


Personal opinions – Very interesting how the author has described the ‘antique’ land and the tyranny and aggressive language used for the arrogant king.


Links to themes/other poems – Ozymandias shows some very important themes. It develops the point that even the mightiest will fall, and that pride will come before the fall.