Title – First impressions were that it would be religious because it refers to god. This also made us think it would be about a male and said in a male voice as it was not referred to as Goddess. We also thought it would be in third person. The fact he refers to himself as god shows a lot of arrogance.

What is it about? – It is about a lonely river who seems playful and humorous at the start of the poem, this can be seen with the vocabulary used which quotes “Hi yih, yippity yap”. But nearer the end seems lonely and spiteful due to a woman trying to leave him.

Language – There is some childish language used such as “Hi yih, yippity yap” which could show that the reader in fact has a childish personality.

Structure – Has 26 lines and ONE stanza. It is a regular poem. It has rhyming couplets.

Feeling/Ideas – There is some love in the poem as “ The River God” clearly desires the beautiful woman. He is blinded and obsessed by the woman’s beauty. This can be seen when he says he wants to ‘care’ for her. He is also very arrogant as he refers to himself as “God”. He treats dying humans like toys.


  • Death
  • Power
  • Decay
  • Obsession
  • Beauty

Links to other poems:

  • Medusa, My last Duchess – obsession, power.

Personal Opinions – It is a quite…creepy poem however it is more interesting than many others I have read.