-Old fashioned

-Bad reputation

-Someone who’s broken.

What is it about?
-She worked in a farm as a maid, now she is a prostitute.
-There is another maid who is quite jealous of Melia because she is now rich and dressed in finery.

The other maid is a country girl who used to work with Melia at the farm, both as maids.

The farm girl knows that Melia is ‘ruined’ as a prostitute and as a result of this the country gitl wishes she could have the material objects and lifestyle Melia.

However, the farm girl does not know the consequwnces of Melia’s ruined lifestyle.


-The poem has strict rhyming couplets – ‘’bleak, cheek. Crown, town. Socks, docks. Thou, now. Dream, seem. Gown, town.’’

-The poem has several uses of dashes (-) after the 2nd and 3rd line in each stanza. —          There are also dashes at the beginning at of stanza 2-6. The purpose of the dashes is to show the readers that the sentence is carrying on.

-the author has used quotation marks to show dialogue between both characters instead of using speech marks as Hardy inputted speech marks when the country girl was quoting Melia’s speech.


The structure of the poem has 4 lines in each stanza.