This blog, still in its maiden year, has remained static for 7 months. The adrenaline of exam season 2012 is long forgotten, but the new season is approaching – you can almost smell it! Of course, this means that it’s time to up our game and to get back into the thick of it. So before we begin posting, it seems appropriate to reflect on how we did last year:


  • The blog was used widely by the class of 2012 whose results (particularly for literature – 50% A*- B) were great.
  • It also proved a hit for wider audiences; as we post this, we have 20,000 views!
  • The student ownership of content was an excellent way to get actively involved in revision. The class enjoyed their chance to create posts or be a classroom monitor. They also felt a sense of pride in the documentation of their hard work.


  • We thought that the blog needed a facelift – do you like our new fishy design?
  • We want to make our posts even more user friendly this year. Since we seem to be catering to an audience wider than our classroom, we hope that our posts are accurate, helpful and inspire ideas in our readers.
  • We aim to be more interactive on the blog this year. The comment count from the class of 2012 didn’t go over 100. We hope to smash that record this year! We will use the posts from daily lessons to provoke further thought once a week for homework; posting our thoughts, opinions or questions.

So there we have it, can Miss Ryan’s class of 2013 take on the challenge of keeping up the blog?

Let’s see…