Half term seemed a lifetime ago at the start of period 4 today. Year 11 Media were straight to business preparing for the Music Press exam this summer. The lesson was simple, requiring students to work independently using their knowledge of magazine conventions to create their own front covers

In the spirit of the exam, students were instructed by a media brief displayed on the board:


Students worked for around 40 minutes (after the slow laptop warm ups). Concentration levels were high and students were able to confidently apply conventions of genre, as well as display impressive ICT skills.

Here are some of the covers. They are generally all true to convention, but perhaps too much so? Next lesson, students will be given more time to plan their front covers. They will be challenged to subvert convention and provide counter-types to representational norms in media.

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English Language students: Use the front pages to explore audience and purpose in media texts.

You could also explore the use and effects of presentational features in the texts.