Hopefully you have had a rest over the weekend, and are now ready to begin revision for the Language exam.

You should start by looking back at the notes we made in class. Are you sure about timings? What each question is asking? How many marks they are worth?

If you are unsure, take a look at the overview of the reading section in both exams:

reading paper overview


Next steps:

  • Why not try the reading section of the mock exam that you were given?Ā Ensure that you time yourself properly, it’s a good chance to rehearse for the exam.
  • Read over notes that we made in class.
  • Take a look at the powerpoints on our Fronter page.

Keep an eye out on the blog over the next few days for some more reading revision, as well as some tips on the writing section. If there is a particular area that you would like help on, please comment below.