Hi Year Ten,

You should be preparing for your second assignment. Remember that there are two tasks:

1 – Analyse the promotional methods (poster and trailer) for an existing horror film.

2 – Create a storyboard and trailer for a new horror film (an original film devised by you).

To help with preparing for part 1 of the assignment, you should plan what you will include using the essay plans handed out in class. You should also prepare by annotating the poster and screen shots from the trailer for the horror film. Here is a reminder of the conventions to look out for:

Poster conventions film conventions

You should aim for a detailed, precise and analytical write up. Use the mark scheme to keep you on track, everyone should aim high so here is the criteria for top band:

This analysis is marked out of 20. A top grade would:

  • Produce convincing and effective analyses of media texts. Media terminology is used extensively and well.
  • The nature and impact of media representation is explored convincingly.
  • There is a convincing and clear understanding and appreciation of institutional aspects of media production.
  • Responses, including the explanation, are well written and well structured.

Here is an example of an essay ASSIGNMENT TWO – Essay Example – film promotion on The Other Woman

the other woman