Hi year 11,

The literature exam will reward students who offer an imaginative and creative interpretation of the poems. Your interpretation must be convincing and based on textual evidence (a quotation).

In order to get you looking at the poems in a different way, here are some word clouds for 6 of them: (Brendon Gallacher/Casehistory: Alison (Head Injury)/Checking out me History/The Clown Punk/Medusa/Les Grands Seigneurs)

The word clouds have deleted common words and used font size as a hierarchy for word frequency – the bigger the word, the more often it appears in the poem. Explore which words are repeated – how does this support your interpretation? Do any words stand out to you now in this context? Can you come up with something new?

Brendon Gallacher

brendon wordle

Casehistory: Alison (Head Injury)

casehistory wordle

Checking out me History

checking wordle

The Clown Punk

clown wordle


medusa wordle

Les Grands Seigneurs

seigneurs wordle