In today’s lesson, we adopted a new approach to revising. With just two weeks to go until our first exam, we decided to keep revision short and sweet and focus on 2-3 topics per lesson.

Today we looked at a writing question from the language exam, a Character and Voice comparison question and an Of Mice and Men extract analysis. We focused on using planning time effectively to maximise exam performance. Here are some examples of what we did:

Writing – English Language Question 5:

writing planning

Student examples – paragraph openers:

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Character and Voice Poetry:

comparing poems

Here is a tally chart to show which poems were selected for comparison by the class:


Student examples – plans and quotations:

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Of Mice and Men – extract analysis:


Student examples – PEE language/technique and effects:

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You can use the materials in this post to continue revision by having a go at answering one of the exam questions we explored today. Additionally, you can reflect upon the topics that have been covered to help you plan your next steps for personal revision:

revision reflection

Happy revising! 🙂