In class today, we started by planning a response to the Argue/Persuade question using our 5 point essay plans. We then had 10 minutes to write mini-articles to persuade young people to volunteer. We were advised to include plenty of persuasive techniques.

Miss Ryan would like to congratulate all on their writing today. Some very thoughtful planning and considered ‘slow writing’ made for a range of lively and engaging Band 3 and 4 responses – well done year eleven!

In addition to the fab writing, we also did a bumper symbols and themes revision session for Of Mice and Men. We started by using a slide on symbols to try and select relevant quotations:



Admittedly, our quotation recall skills were rusty – so this should continue to be an area for revision for us. However, when it came to themes, we did brilliantly.

Miss Ryan wrote six key themes on paper and we spent 10 minutes passing them around in groups. This meant that as time went on, we had to think in greater depth about what we could add. It started with us recalling main events and details, then we added quotations as evidence. By the 4th pass we had to zoom in and consider the effects of words and techniques in the quotations. Here is what we came up with:

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After this, we got back into groups and created essay plans for each of the themes using this question template:


Here are our essay plans:


power plan1


lonliness plan


barriers plan


violence plan1


friendship plan

Dreams (1)

dreams plan 1

Dreams (2)

dreams plan 2

All in all, there was impressive scope in today’s revision session. Year 11 are displaying hard working, pro-active attitudes during lesson time and producing some great work. Here’s an overall reflection of today:

Revision reflection