The Media Studies exam is 4 hours away. Having had 4 weeks to work on your pre-release brief, you should be more than ready. However, in case your mind is a little blank after the excitement of the prom at the weekend, here are some last minute tips and reminders which could help you today.

The exam details:

  • 1.5 hours long
  • 4 questions
  • 15 marks per question (spend 20 minutes on each)

The exam questions:

We can’t guarantee what the questions will be about, or even tell you the order, but here are some possible questions:

  • A design/production task – where you will be asked to storyboard/script a segment from your show. Make sure that your storyboard is detailed and well labelled with the correct media terminology.
  • A pitching/promoting task – where you have to explain the details of your product, how you have used/subverted conventions, how you will appeal to target audience.
  • An analysis/exploration task – where you have to show detailed understanding of 3 existing news shows. This question may ask you how existing news appeals to audiences through content/style/e-media.
  • A promotion/e-media task – where you may have to explain how you will use e-media to promote your news show and engage with audiences.

Bear in mind that these are merely examples, we can’t guarantee what questions will come up.

The pre-release brief:

Here are some slides we used to get thinking about the brief:

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Top News Stories:

Visit the news channels this morning as a final reminder about style and content. Also explore the websites to see how e-media is currently used by news networks to maximise audience engagement.

BBC News

Sky News

Channel 4 News

ITV News