Use this blog post to remind yourselves about plot for A Christmas Carol with a few handy quotations to memorise and analyse.


gs016Scrooge is in his counting house with his worker, Bob Cratchit. We learn that he is mean by how he treats Bob, his nephew (Fred) and the charity workers.

He goes home that night as sees the face of his former work mate, Jacob Marley, on his door knob. He is scared, but disbelieving until Jacob’s ghost visits him at home later that night. The ghost tells him that he will suffer in the after-life if he continues to live as a mean man. Three ghosts will visit him to teach him a lesson. Scrooge feels scared, but Jacob disappears out of the window where Scrooge sees hundreds of ghosts in the sky.




Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas past. The ghost takes Scrooge to many places form his past. He starts at school where we learn that he was a lonely boy, with a lovely sister. He starts to feel sorry for his nephew, Fred. He then goes to his old workplace, Fezziwig’s, where he was happy with a nice boss. He starts to feel sorry for Bob Cratchit. Finally, he sees himself with his old girlfriend, Belle, who has fallen out of love with him because of his greed. This makes Scrooge very upset & he also sees Belle with her new husband and children. He can’t take anymore and pushes the ghost away.




The next ghost to visit Scrooge is the Jolly, giant ghost of Christmas Present. He takes Scrooge to a variety of places where he sees all mankind stopping to spend time being happy at Christmas. He also visits Bob Cratchit’s house, where the family are happy even though they are poor. He sees that Cratchit’s son, Tiny Tim is terribly ill and feels bad. He also visits his nephew, who he finds having fun with friends and laughing at Scrooge’s mean ways. At the end, the ghost shows him two poor children, who represent ignorance and want. Then a shadowy figure approaches him.

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The final ghost is the most terrifying, he doesn’t talk but points to things. Scrooge sees his old business friends laughing at the death of a man, his cleaning lady selling stolen property and a couple who are happy about the death because now they are free from debt.

He also learns that Tiny Tim has died, leaving the Cratchit family even worse off and heartbroken. Scrooge gets more and more scared until the ghost reveals a gravestone with his name on. Scrooge is in utter shock and horror and pleads to the ghost for mercy by pledging to make a change. He then falls into the grave.

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Scrooge wakes up to find that he is now back in his bed at home. He is a transformed man; jumping, laughing and shouting aloud in his room. He shouts out of his window for a boy to buy a large goose for the Cratchit family, he says hello to all on the street and goes to Fred’s for dinner. The next day, when Bob Cratchit returns to work, Scrooge makes a solemn pledge to be a better boss and friend to Bob and his family.

The book ends with a note about Scrooge’s changes. He lived to be a man who cared for Bob and Tiny Tim. He also kept Christmas true in his heart and was kind to all mankind.

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