Today we received our Literature Paper 2 mock results. This was the last time that you will have feedback before the real exam. Here are a few suggestions on how you can turn your mock experiences and feedback into useful revision tasks.

Re-read all four responses, look at your feedback and spend some time considering my comments. Then you may want to complete the following tasks:

  • Find additional QUOTATIONS which you could have used in your response – do this by skim reading the texts/your notes.
  • RE-WRITE a section of your response. Maybe you want to write a more powerful introduction? Or perhaps you could look back and provide deeper language analysis of a quotation that you used.
  • What points about CONTEXT could you have made that you didn’t? Maybe you need to brush up on your contextual knowledge of the poems – this was a common target for improvement in your answers.
  • Spend some time thinking about HOW and WHY an author wrote that text? What inspired each author and how do readers respond to AUTHOR’S MESSAGES.
  • Read through the EXAMPLES that I provided and identify points and phrases made in each response. Can you pinch an idea/sentence starter/phrase/vocabulary from them?

Generally, make sure that you are not DEMOTIVATED by a grade that you wish was higher. It is totally acceptable to make mistakes, none of us is perfect! However, if you do not take the opportunity to LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES then you are missing a trick.

Everyone in our class needs to be aware of the POTENTIAL that they have to achieve a grade that they are worthy of in the exam. And it’s NEVER TOO LATE to get on the revision train!