In lesson today, we practised planning for GCSE Literature: Paper 1. With the exam in just under a week, we needed to remind ourselves how to approach the extract and consider the whole text. We quickly read extracts from Macbeth and found evidence from them. In addition, we began to consider how to make links to the whole novel.

Here’s how to plan in five minutes:

  1. Read the extract, pen in hand with a focus on the THEME/IDEA named in the question.
  2. Select evidence from the extract which evidences our response to the question – it’s also useful to identify Shakespeare’s methods here.
  3. Consider how Shakespeare explores the idea further in the play.
  4. Consider links to context.

Here are the notes we made, I’ve included the extract and question. The notes are rough and just a starting point; you can use the notes to write practise responses as part of your revision this weekend.

Guilt in Macbeth:

Mac Guilt extractMac Guilt notes

Trust and Betrayal in Macbeth:

Mac trust extractMac Trust notes