You have a booklet with non-fiction articles and activities to complete for each day of the half term holiday. You should read the article using the ‘active reading’ strategies that we have gone through in class when approaching the Language Paper extracts.

Here is the booklet: HALF TERM READING BOOKLET WP.

Here is a guide and some models on how to complete the tasks:

RB 1

RB 2

RB 3

RB 4

This is what your answer page should look like when finished. You can use this to check your responses to the first two questions and as a model for questions 3 and 4.

RB 5

Please stick to the timetable and do this everyday. It won’t only help you to prepare for English exams: reading is a great way to develop your general knowledge and vocabulary too.

If you want to read more non-fiction, and not have to answer questions, try:

Happy reading!