The title is a name which suggests that the poem is going to be about someone. It is someone talking about their ‘friend’ Brendon Gallacher.

What is it about?

The poem is about the writer talking about her childhood when she was friends with a boy called Brendon Gallacher. They come from different backgrounds and are quite the opposite of each other. However, when the girl’s mother asks about her friend she tells her that ‘there are no Gallachers at 24 Nover’ the address the girl gave her mother. The girl had to stop believing in Brendon, as he was only her imaginary friend. Her dream dies. It also feels like a story.

Form– has a regular rhyme scheme and the narrator uses the name of Brendon of a song-like refrain which makes the poem sound childlike, very repetitive.

Structure– makes it sound like a story the way it is in some sort of order and having the killer moment right at the end, so we share her friendship with her imaginary friend.

Childish Language– words such as ‘daddy’ let us visualise the girl’s childhood.

Regional Language– the use of Scottish words such as ‘a wee holiday’ and creates a clear sense of where the poem is set.

Direct Conversation- allows others to say what they think, like the mother when she says about Brendon not being real.

Key ideas and feelings

LOVE– the relationship between the girl and her imaginary friend is loving and affectionate. Brendon confides in her and they enjoy each others company even if he isn’t real.

SADNESS– the whole poem is ruined when the mother makes the girl confess that her best friend isn’t even real. Its quite heart breaking.

POSSESSIVENESS– the fact that she keeps referring to her friend as ‘my’ which suggests that she is very protective over her friend. Also her mother is protective and maybe disappointed that is why she makes her daughter confess that the friend isn’t real.