Singh song!

Title – humour, related to a song (Singh song)

Ideas– culture, religion

Significance – different to other poems, doesn’t look ‘traditional’

What is it about?

It’s about a person and his relationship with his wife and how he manages his dad’s shop.


Indian dialect, he uses phonetic spelling, uses a lot of rhyme in the poem

Structure-in the fourth stanza the author adds a metaphor

This poem has a strong lyrical voice and depends on rhyme and rhythm as well as using repetition to make it sound like a chorus.


Checking out me history: – non– Standard English spelling

Brendon Gallagher – repetition in both poems

Personal opinion –

I think this poem is quite funny. It is also quite informative as it tells us about typical Asian British people life and the way that two cultures combine to create a new ‘culture’