The AQA English Language paper is tomorrow – good luck to all year 11 students completing this paper.

If you have last minute nerves or queries about the paper, these slides may help to clarify the content of the paper as well as some tips on how to approach each question.

Before all of that, here are my top tips for success in this exam:

  • Read the extract and questions very carefully – ensure that you understand the focus of each question before you read the source as this helps to focus your reading.
  • Ensure that your responses to questions 2, 3, and 4 all contain short quotations from the extract to support your interpretations.
  • Be mindful of timings and marks awarded for each question – i.e. question 4 is worth the same as questions 1, 2, and 3 combined – so spend more time on the larger mark questions.
  • Spend time PLANNING and PROOF-READING/EDITING your written response to question 5. This may enable some excellent changes and have an impact on your final grade.


P1 Overview


This is a simple activity where you have to RETRIEVE information from a section of the source.



This questions asks you to explore the LANGUAGE METHODS and EFFECTS used by the writer. Try to comment on 3-4 different pieces of evidence.



This questions asks you to explore the STRUCTURAL METHODS used by the writer with an understanding and analysis of the effects of choices. Again – aim to make 3-4 points. You can focus on the BEGINNING/MIDDLE/END of the extract, and perhaps find a SHIFT in setting/perspective/focus.



This question will provide a statement for you to agree or disagree with. Choose a side and then focus on finding EVIDENCE to support your view. When explaining your answer, make sure that you focus on the WRITER’S METHODS and how they help to convey meaning to you and other readers.


QUESTION 5 – WRITING QUESTION – worth 40 marks

Your final job is to produce a peice of DESCRIPTIVE WRITING. Please be mindful about this peice of writing. It deserves a plan, plus your grammar/punctuation/spelling need to be ACCURATE and EFFECTIVE. SHOW OFF what you have learned over the last 11 years of learning literacy at school.


Hopefully this is of use to you.